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Dear Friend,

Yes. You really ARE getting FOUR complete marketing courses for just four bucks.

This isn’t a “trial” or anything like that and there’s no “catch” (except that this expires when the timer hits zero).
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And these are full-fledged courses, too.

Each one comes with videos and workbooks so you’ll be able to implement fast.

Preset #1: The Ultimate Vocal!

With this preset, you will be able to professionally mix your vocal quickly. This one works perfect for your vocal at about 120BPM layered on top of “melodic” and “ambient” 808s hard hitting type beats.

Comes to mind talents like Lil Teca . . .

There’s no fluff, no messing around, just a rock-solid framework you can pull up on your audio track to mix an almost radio ready vocal for any station or streaming service.

It comes with a straightforward, no-frills “workbook” and video training from me personally where I walk you through exactly what to do and tweak.

Here’s almost exactly how we’re going to achieve all the above:

make you vocal POP in the mix
Once you’re vocal are alive this preset makes it crisp and punchy
As the vocal gets present, crispy and punchy it’s a must we keep it smooth and pleasant to the ears.
This preset it’s such a gem at turning your vocal in both modern hip hop style and also natural style (to where you can hardly tell its been tuned)
…And Much, Much More!

You can use it in sales letters like this one. You can use it in Videos. You can use it in Webinars. And you can use it in person, from stage, or over the phone.

Here’s the bottom line – go through this training and you’ll know how to pitch anything. You’ll never be stuck staring at a blank screen wondering what to do because I’m giving you a tried and true, vigorously tested framework that flat out works.

And hey – if you think about it, in many ways our income is in direct proportion to the amount of offers we make.

That means the more offers we make, the more we sell. And this training gives you a proven system for creating winning pitches FAST.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also getting …


This preset is really the “secret sauce” when it comes to converting a raw track into standard everywhere-you-go-is-there music. Matter of fact, the preset works magically on your vocal at about 147BPM recorded for modern day emo-rap and SoundCloud we all love instrumentals.

Comes to mind talents like Juice WRLD . . .

I designed it to “piggy back” off what you record in your bedroom and it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only: Compound the power of every single vocal you record.

Here’s how.

At the end of every unprofessionally record, there’s a DAMN, right? That’s the part where you realize your vocal is too awfully recorded to have any hance to compete with chart topping material out there.

Well, here’s the thing.

HARD CORE marketers know that the “close” is really the BEGINNING of the sale!

And that’s why I created Close-Stacking.

It’s a series of seven different frameworks you can use to KEEP SELLING …after you’ve made your pitch.

Think of them as a “re-close”. A way to re-state the offer, overcome objections, and re-sell …over and over again …in the same pitch.

I don’t really teach this publicly, yet it’s been one of my secret weapons for almost 21 years straight.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:


Keeping your vocal clean and bright as top priority
Once the clarity is taken care of, this preset makes sure your vocal dynamics it’s all under control
Big characteristic of using Advance Sauce is the depth your vocal gets.
Vocal Sauce also brings your track to life adding punchyness and warmness like no preset can, if I say so myself.
And Much More, Including Stereo Character, Side Chain effects, And Parallel Compressions!

I’m literally giving you the exact framework for each close. Even scripting sample closes for you …telling you exactly what to say and how to say it …and when!

This training comes with a no-frills “get it done” workbook and video of me personally walking you through everything.

It’s just like having me in your office with you as you craft a pitch, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to say next.

But naturally we’re not stopping there.

You’re also getting …

Course #3: Power Drip!

Power Drip positioning is actually two products in one. You’re getting a preset that polishes and gets both your singing and rap vocals to deserved standards. Pretty cool! So if you got those vocals at about 72, or 148 BPM layered on top of those lovely pop-rap / pop-rock / synth-pop instrumentals this preset will do wonder for you.

Comes to mind beautiful sound from tales such as The Kid LAROI . . .

And listen. This is important.

Have you ever wondered why some industry leaders seem to effortlessly attract top of charts and fill-up stadiums?

Have you ever wondered why some artists are able to make several times more than their competition …without even really trying to make sales off their music?

And have you ever wondered why companies like Apple and Tesla have incredibly loyal and evangelistic customers who stand in line for hours just to be able to buy the next product?

The answer lies in POSITIONING.

And in this training, you’ll discover exactly how to create your own POWER POSITIONING in your marketplace so that your perfect customers will seek you out and happily do business with you.

In it, you’ll discover …

Power Drip brings your song to commercial sounding clarity
Giving clarity your vocal needs modern-day-style effect and it’s exactly what Power Drip does
Using Power Drip your vocal gains big sounding stereo image
Proper level setting and pan setting throughtout
All you get with The Ultimate Vocal, Advance Sauce And Much, Much, More …

If you want your prospects to know like and trust you before they ever even have a chance to buy from you, this is for you.

And if you want to be positioned as the premier person of influence in your market, perceived as the highest authority in your field, and become the most sought after person, company, or brand by you perfect target audience, this is for you.

It helps you discover exactly what to say and what to do to elevate your image, reputation, and overall position in your market so that you become irresistibly magnetic to your ideal customers.

Think about this for a minute.

Power Positioning shows you how to be irresistibly magnetic to your ideal customers.

The Ultimate Offer Formula shows you how to craft a winning offer for those customers …on demand …whenever you want.

And in Close Stacking, you’ll discover how to exponentially make every offer even more powerful by compounding the power of your own personal influence using the seven different sales frameworks I personally walk you through.

Imagine the effect these three trainings alone will have on your business.

I created them specifically to be used together …so the effects of one will simply enhance the effects of the others, therefore making them even more powerful.

And the reason I did that is because I believe that once you use what I’m giving you in these three trainings, you’ll now be ready for the FOURTH training, called …


Preset #4: ZEST!

You’ve heard it.

Someone will put this type of song, start out doing pretty well …and next thing you know, they’re EVERYWHERE.

This presets get your vocals perfectly fit to compete with those 123BPM hip hop, trap, mumble modern day super hits.

Comes to mind modern day genius artist such as Future . . .

Type of vocals riding such beats, I can tell you, have a secret formula if you will:


Going from “small” to “giant” online is a matter of three things:

  1. Your thinking.
  2. Your systems.
  3. Your processes.

…And this course takes all three and gets them perfectly aligned.

In this training, I’m literally walking you through the exact mindset, marketing systems, and sales processes I’ve used to make 2020 my best year ever (in spite of everything that’s happened!)

Here’s what’s inside:

ZEST is a beast and as such takes care of your vocal character straight up
Its fits all parts of your song with designed Equalization settings
One Simple Effect That Can Instantly Give You Vocal Edge Over 99% Of Your Competition (Even If They’re Bigger And More Popular Than You.)
The “Saturation Effect” That added magic to the bottom line of your lyrics ….
All you get with The Ultimate Vocal, Advance Sauce, Power Drip And Much, Much, More …

And here’s something else that you’ll be happy about.

This isn’t about getting “BIG” in the sense of growing a big team, having a huge staff, having a ton of overhead, or anything like that.

I doubt you got into business to have headaches like that.

Instead, this is all bout getting BIG in terms of SALES AND REVENUE.

Here’s what I mean:

In 2020 we had this crazy pandemic.

On top of that, I moved THREE times.

But in spite of that …I had my best year ever!

My bottom line grew …but my overhead got SMALLER!

This means more sales, more revenue, and less headaches!

If that’s what you’re looking to accomplish, this training is for you.

And on top of it all you’re also getting …

A Mystery Bonus Worth $1,994!

I won’t tell you what it is but I’ll give you a hint:

It make me (about) $1,994 per month and it’s about turning your newly professionally polished vocal to streaming & radio standards.

Without it . . . you just CAN’T compete with the big guys. If you want to join them you NEED this.

I used a few thousand copies and then I stopped using it singularly because I was focused on my full album  high ticket artists.

This Mystery Bonus is legitimately worth $1,994/month to me and you simply CAN’T get it anywhere else.

But You Get EVERYTHING Today For Just $4

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