How to Promote Music Online Effectively: A helpful, illustrated guide

How to Promote Music Online Effectively

I’ve always been interested in getting my music out there since I shared my 1st song on SoundCloud. But I wanted to outperform myself in such a way to avoid stupid mistakes I felt I was going to make were I not to read or hear about them around on the web first. And I would be searching all over the internet things like, How to Make a Website for Musicians so I’d avoid leaving money on the table, How to Promote Music Online Effectively so I’d avoid common rookies mistakes, How Unsigned Artist Get their Video Seen so I’d avoid feeling of sorrow for my artistic endeavour, and all the like. Everything I basically ended up writing about here as most of the things I searched for weren’t even covered online at all or simply lack or originality one from the other.

And here I gotta say that since I started promoting myself and my music, I really had to force myself into think big and bigger. As I am humble by nature and even more humble because I made it a moral duty for whatever I do or say. Well, that is unless I am in the booth on the mic of course. Because when the rec red button is on and flashing, in my heart I am a God. No one can beat me. No one. That’s exactly how I felt when I wrote Good Day, Bad Day And that’s how I felt last night when I finished writing my latest song. But see, when it comes to promote your music effectively that doesn’t work quite well. Thinking small help way more. The smaller you think the more fun promoting your music becomes, hence effective. You basically put your ego aside for a couple of hours per day & follow few concepts I am shortly sharing below. But in way more details just right after it.

In short, this is how to promote music online effectively. Do whatever it takes to get a random someone to know you, like you & trust you. And to pull that off effectively you’ve got to only remind yourself that we pursuit that what retreats from us. So, whatever medium you choose to focus to promote your music, that be YouTube, Facebook or Instagram – make use of the cat string theory. While leveraging the power of teasing and cross promoting.

Now, I shall in just a second illustrate you the ultimate way you get a random someone to know you, like you and trust you. And ultimately make him/her want to give you some money. But the 2 keywords I want to stop and reflect for a moment here are – tease and cross promote. And just so we are on the same page, the cat string theory is a well-known technique – to me more of a universal law – that you put to work to attract to YOU that which you desire. Simply by using the natural law that we ultimately pursuit that which retreats from us. And that you better be the thing that retreats. Or else you’ll left with failed music promotion campaigns plus broken hopes & dreams.

Long story short, make people ask you about your music – while getting known. That’s what teasing means here. Or else relate with them, share something in common. That’s what friends do. Friends share passions and interests. Find a genuine interest with your ideal fan so you can become friends first. When you make that happen, you share your stuff with this new friend of yours. And that’s what cross promoting means here. That’s how to promote music online effectively like a bad ass.

I just want you to use as less imaginative power as possible. So that by the end of this article you still got energy and hunger to keep reading good stuff here on the blog. And the article I would seriously consider opening and save to read next up to this is the How to Make a Website for Musicians (Here it is again). That is our most viewed article. And I think that’s because the truth about how to promote music online effectively is that you must have your own spot. Your own platform. Your own thing. If you don’t have that in place and all set up. All your effort in promoting your music would be useless. Useless. Anybody that tells you otherwise is an incompetent. A writer. Not a musician that promoted his/her music effectively ever.

See, there are thousands and thousands of platform you can, and maybe already using, to promote your music. However none of them give you, your music, your brand, that exclusive feel. So, having your own website is a MUST to give your brand just that. But that’s not all you get once you have your platform. No, no. What you get, which believe me is priceless, is the liberty and freedom to do what these platforms do on to you. Have heard of those little things cookies. Ring a bell, huh?

And it’s crazy I know but this is how it works. Someone ends up on your site and boom. You know now anything and everything about this user. That’s what they call him/her. Where this person is checking out your website from. How long this persons on average stays on your website. And with a thing called Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you get to know how old on average users on your site are, if they went to college, if they are in college. I mean the information you get by having your platform set up correctly and funnel your fan over there instead over these big platforms is shocking. Shocking.

I mean sure you can run ads and get views and noticed. Just like your favourite artist does. But think about it for a second. How can what works for an already famous and established musician work for you the way it work for him/her?

Let me explain how the game we get played by. And all I need to do is to utter one word and three letters. Ads. Advertisements is the life blood of any business. It is. That be to promote your music online effectively or to sell hair dryer. Whatever. That’s the game we get played by. However the 2 problems I have with Ads is 1) It takes money and 2) It’s addictive. You need to put in a dollar to get out a dollar and a cent. Plus, by making use of ads sine day 1. Then you’re doomed to it since day last.

The internet has forever changed everything. And while it did empowered the advertising game for everybody. It mimics reality to perfection. The game I am referring to, and advocate you follow it’s called organic search. And it beats advertising all day of the week. At any time.

This is how it works and this is how you put it to work to get a random someone online to know you, like you and trust you.


It is simple.

So Simple.

And the here again the 3 aspects we must get dealt have to do with 3 word. Know, like & trust. And want to start with trust which is the hardest to deal with. I mean my mother, God bless her, it’s the toughest person I’ve personally get to known so far. But she is a sweetheart at the same time. The sweetest person I’ve ever met so far. I mean she beats both my father, my brother and Shelly – my 15 years young dog. And she is, because once she told me something nobody told me. And she dais: “Love, never trust no one. Yourself is the one you should most be skeptical about. And you know why? Because yourself knows everything about you. Yourself is the closest thing to God. Yourself sees and hear everything. Everything. Do you understand that, love?”

The point I would like to make here, now that I shared this personal story with you, is the following. See, if there’s one thing you’ll learn -will you reach the level of financial success I reached so far at 28. – is that what seems to be the hardest you discover to be the easiest. It reminds me of the hottest lady in the club. She is not the easiest to take out on a date, but she is the easiest to impress and ultimately conquer. Because she scares 98% of the dudes in the club. Hence the 2% left have very little competition.

The moral is that to gain trust is the hardest and therefore the easiest. And since we’re focusing on addressing how to promote music online effectively I am confident to say that online, as paradoxically as it sounds, it’s even easier.

Long story short, once you have your website set up and professionally looking and all the good stuff I teach in this guide. You’ll introduced to a little magical thing called Search Analysis. Or more popularly known as Keyword Research. To gain trust all you do is delivering on a promise you make. I promise you that if you have a website you’ll get ahead of yourself 18x. As artist and as a business person. But I still need to gain your trust. For that I need to way for you to follow that guide and wait at least 24 months. You’ll be thinking about me and you’ll remember that I delivered on my promise.

But as you hear between the lines, there is something missing. And what’s missing is about to take us to the second word. Like. Now, I am illustrating you all about that too but I want to sum up the trust thing.

And what’s tricky about it. Is that you then must continue delivering. Once you reached the top of the mountain, that is gaining trust, you can’t just be a little girl and run back down because you feel lonely. You better be prepared to take responsibility. Gaining trust makes you a superhero to those who now trust in you. And if you now see what I see we should both hear the same words. From a great power comes a great responsibility.

The ugly truth about thing trust thing is that you weren’t totally wrong in feeling the gain trust is the hardest. Nor were the 98% of dudes in the club about the hottest babe. But not to gain or conquer. Trust is hardest to keep. But leet’s get to that second little word. Like.

Remember, that online things are easier and easier. In every way possible. You miss a partner momentarily and you find as solution to get off. You lack friends and you get on forums. And I could keep on and on. But what’s game changing for marketers and entrepreneurs has to do with Supply & Demand. And online finding demands it’s easier than ever. You use a free tool like the one I shared in the guide I multiple times linked you up above. You input a phrase or a word, known as KeyWord for example: How to Promote Music Online Effectively. And the tool tells you that this phrase is searched in USA alone 110 times a month.

That’s known as Demand. And just so you see where I am going. Here. Let me explain. I conducted my own surveys. Although I was well aware it was going to work since the beginning. As a millionaire friend of my – not a musician but an internet marker – made me believe back when I got started. But what my hundreds of surveys revealed me was this. I was going to get liked incredibly successfully, easily, quickly and effortlessly by simply producing content with the sole intent to supplying an existing demand. That’s it.

You’d like to see that? Here I am on youtube making, actually planning my 28th video on the Music Money School Youtube Channel. I go to the tool and look for stuff. The keyword I got interested was Free Pre Chopped Samples. I check for competition and even though the KW was the hottest babe in the club. I made it happen. Better that going home alone don’t you think.

So I created this pack of samples. Made it downloadable and made a beat making video content to go along with and bang. All of sudden I get views and likes and comments to put out more. Again this KW wasn’t a ten, not the hottest, it’s searched less the 100 times a month but that’s exactly the demand You want to stick with in the beginning stage.

To conclude. Why am I sharing this story in this How to Promote Music Online effectively? Well, because that through that little video i am promoting in fact my music. And I am doing it effectively. See, downloading the pack it’s free. Well, “fee” I should say. In fact I use a little free app called Pump Your Sound. That basically allows me to lock my download. Use must perform few things before the can get access t the download. And I lock it for email, youtube subscribe and both SoundCloud play – share and comment. The SoundCloud part is what I want you to pay attention. You share your song on SoundCloud, you promote it the way I just illustrated. And once you rank up 100s of plays SoundCloud recognise it as something that get people to be active p(plays, share and comment)and so it starts share in around. Bam. Forget about dumb – ass ads. Almost forgot. Because you giving people what they want first they are amost forced to really like the song even if the song is trash.

I am not blowing smoke with the previous statement. I made a song in 10 minutes called Mirrors in Circles. I mean it’s an incredible tune for me. But it’s of no high quality, not thought-out, the audio is like really home made and the more. Still. The response was shockingly amazing. And that’s because the users coming from the Pre Chopped Sample Pack felt almost forced to listen it to different ears. They were getting what they want it so they were 74% more likely to like it. And what I got was exactly what I wanted. Promote my music online effectively using the cross promotion method I talked about before. And to add even more cream on top of this already tasty as heaven cake – I got liked. I know people forgot about the song soon as they got on their Spotify playlist or whatever. But they didn’t forgot about me. Liked.

At this point I think it should sound obvious that in the mist of it all this. That since I got liked by supplying a demand & trusted by delivering. That I got also known. But I am sorry to break it to you. That in fact couldn’t be further from the truth. The getting known part of this how to promote your music online effectively it sexy as hell. Let’s say that it goes like this.

I wrote this song once that never made it public. In it I said something like, I should get personal to trigger emotions so you can relate but I get in pain but f$%^ all you get it is this deadly flow and so on. And the point it is so true. When you get personal you do trigger emotions and people relate even though they don’t actually experienced your personal thing.

Basically, this means that while supplying a demand you can actually share a personal thing of your own. And it can be completely unrelated to the content produced. Just like I did before with my old lady story. To get known. But for real. In fact, the story itself wasn’t actually related to how to promote music online effectively. However, it made me really feel totally transparent. And 8 fellas out of 10 don’t really feel cool get naked with the world. But those who do get a splendid response by the public.

To brings matter to conclusion. I want to finish this section off by going nuttily controversial. As I was watching documentaries about greatest murders of all time. I got fascinated at Ted Bunny. He is a piece of s$%^t and all that. But as you may know i live off on simply rule about judging and everything. And that is “let one without sin throw the first stone”. Sure, our sin are little if not null compared to TB but I can’t judge and thank God I am not a judge for a living. However, at the end of the documentary TB starts for the first time after years and years of lies and shows he’d put up a sincere statement. Admitting he did what he did, that it’s a fetish practice and all lot bu$$%^&. That all started with weird porn stuff that degenerating however it did. Now I didn’t feel sorry about him or anything but just by being finally honest trigger emotions not only in me but a lot viewers. He got sentenced to death thank God for justice’s justice. I think you know what I mean.

The moral is that for better or really worst this happens when you share personal thing. You trigger emotions. Compassion most of all. And a way I do that is. With my music most of all. But in the case of other content I produce. I try to share a personal thing. I get myself transparent in front of the paper so to speak. It should get me out of my comfort zone. But it sort feels good to me. I know that I am getting what you want. Getting known. For whatever reason.

This How to Promote Music Online Effectively

But first let me remind you that without a website you’re westing your time perfectly so first and foremost follow this beautiful How to Make a Website for Musicians guide I wrote myself. Get your domain and our hosting secured before some else does it first.

Plus, getting a stranger someone to know you, like you and trust you it’s that is to it.

That to get a stranger someone online to know you the worst thing you can do is, to make use of what works for hight level artists. What works for them it is absorb that may work for you. That Organic Search beats Advertising all the day of the week. Organic Search.

That to get a stranger online to like you all you want tolearn to do is to spot a low competitive demand. And supply it with any sort of content. May that be a blog post on your website or a video on your youtube channel.

And that to get a stranger to trust you. Hardest emotion to keep alive especially between to persons that most likely will never meet one another. All you do is to get personal once you delivered a promise made.

The end.

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