Free Logic Pro X Vocal Effect Gunna Arizona

Free Logic Pro X Vocal Effects│"GUNNA - ARIZONA" [#16]

In this Free Pre Chopped Samples pack Music Money School offers, as the title itself implies, a variety of pre chopped samples ready to use to make you a banger. The pack consists of 4 samples. Along with each sample you'll find old school drums to further assist you in the making of your hit. The drums were carefully selected to fit the samples perfectly. 

mixing rap vocals with waves plug ins

"aNd' - Waves Plugins Free Vocal Effect │Logic Pro X

Music Money School is proud to present "aNd". "aNd" is a vocal chain perfect for mixing rap vocals in matter of minute. You load the patch, tweak few knobs and before you know it your vocals sound just like your favourite artist. Now the way you load the patch so that it shows in LPX is you go to Audio Music Apps, down to patches down to audio. Just create a folder call it "Vocal Strips by MMS" and drag "aNd" right into it. Feel free to download any other free vocal effect you see on this page. Finally I wanted also to let you know that this vocal chain is very useful because it only uses 1 free LPX plugin, that is EQ along with 4 waves plug ins, that are C4, RCompressor, NLS Channel and HReverb. Enjoy it and if you got a 1 minute share this page on your favourite Social Network. TU.