9 FREE “Pop Smoke Type Beat” MIDI Melodies (+ Drum Kit)1 min read

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Pop Smoke’s For The Night was he’s highest-charting song, debuting and peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ever since we’ve had tons of producers asking us to release another instalment with that main guitar sound.

This time around, we took what we’ve learned from the Pop Smoke hit “For The Nigh” and we put together this new midi melodies lot  for Hip-Hop producers. Go make your Pop Smoke Type Beat right now.

This free library of midis includes industry level chord progressions, heavy hitting counter melodies, crisp sound, originality and more!

We wanted to make sure that Pop Smoke Type Beat MIDI Lot had everything you would need to make a hit record with one MIDI pack alone.

Don’t miss out on this royalty free, forever offer. Get Pop Smoke Type Beat Melodies MIDI Pack now!

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