Recommended Setups

Money Ads

I talk about RPMs here & there. And RPM stands for rate per mille (mille = 1,000). The paid rate for 1,000 ad impressions (usually on a website or blog). Here I give a clear picture about how you monetize with ads. Learn more right here.

Website Hosting

Gee, hosting. The most notoriously spammy affiliate link on the internet since the day hosting became a popular service at anybody's disposal for unbelievable cheap yearly fees. I’ll give it to you straight. Learn more right now.

Recording Toys

First & foremost I am an audio & movie writer. And this is what I love the most. Making music and making pictures is always good , as far as I'm concerned. These are almost all of my favorite gadgets to make it happen perfect.

Covert Art

I think I’ve tried just about every visual service out there. And of course I've piled up what I've been using for years to visually picture as close to initial vision as possible every piece of music I write and this are templates and stuff I like best.

Writing Outsource

Just as artists bigger than you provide information on what they are about and what they stand for outside their music. Once you're online, outsourcing some writing to grow your business it's just common practice. Learn more.

WordPress Themes

I’ve tested way more 1000s WordPress themes. That's because you never know which look may make you & your stuff stand out plus increasing conversion rate and fan's experience. These are my all-time favorites for your music $ site.

WordPress PlugIns

Plugins, like themes, aren't definitely a matter of personal preference. A new or different plug in could improve your website's efficiency & your overall impact on the community you're building with your art. These are my favorites.

Build Email List

Email companies charge, GEE a-lot! HOWEVER this one offers 96% of the features for 1/4 the money. And it's the one company that helped me earn 2k/month before taxes with >125 views per video with my Music Money School YC.

Production Gadgets

I love music production. It is in my life. It is my day job. if you will. But it consumes my nights and weekends, too. It’s tangible, it’s solid, and it’s beautiful. It’s artistic from my standpoint and I just love production. These are my toys.

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